Opening hours
Festivalshop - Opening hours
Monday 10h - 18h
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10h - 18h
Thursday 10h - 18h
Friday 10h - 18h
Saturday 10h - 18h
Sunday / Holiday Closed

Festivalshop will be opened extra on:
February:Sunday17/02/2019 (13h - 18h)
Tuesday19/02/2019 (10h - 18h)
Wednesday20/02/2019 (10h - 20h)
Sunday24/02/2019 (13h - 18h)
Tuesday26/02/2019 (10h - 18h)
Wednesday27/02/2019 (10h - 20h)
Thursday28/02/2019 (10u - 19u)
March:Sunday03/03/2019 (10h - 14h)
Tuesday05/03/2019 (10h - 18h)

Festivalshop will exceptionally be closed on:
Easter Monday22/04/2019
May:Labour Day01/05/2019
O.L. Ascension Day30/05/2019
June:Whit Monday10/06/2019
July:National Holiday BE22/07/2019
August:Summer Vacation02/08/2019 up to 06/08/2019