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At Festivalshop you can buy everything for a successful party.

In our shop you'll find costumes and party goods in all imaginable themes, wigs, masks, hats, plumes, moustaches, shoes and boots, jokes, firework, make-up, balloons, decoration materials, seasonal decoration, fake jewelleries, torches, ...

We also have an exceptionally large stock of St Nicholas costumes, Black Pete (Zwarte Piet) costumes, Santa Claus costumes and Easter bunny costumes, decoration and accessories. However, you can only buy the articles. You can't rent them.

A bit of history ...

Festivalshop was founded in 1992 because of the separation of the 'advertising' and 'costume rental' sections of the firm Cosdeco. In 1992, the shop in the centre of Scherpenheuvel became too small and there were no possibilities of further expansion. This is why son Wim Van den Berghe, 27 at the time, deceided to expand the shop. The name of the firm was changed into the current name: 'Festivalshop'. In the spring of 1993, they moved to the new, large building (1500 m2) along the road between Scherpenheuvel and Diest.

The Van den Berghe family has a very interesting history. From 1879 until 1953, it was one of the largest companies of actors on the road in Belgium. The family travelled with a caravan of stacking trolleys and caravans (sometimes more than 50 metres long) from village to village. They performed well-known productions such as: "Het teeken des kruises", "De twee weezen", "Reis rond de weereld", "Genoveva van Brabant", etc ...

Around 1959, the company of actors on the road became lost due to the advent of the television. Mrs. Rosette Cels, wife of Frans Van den Berghe, started to preserve and hire out the hundreds of self-made costumes of the company of actors. She developed this "party shop" to what it is today.

In March 2014, it was deceided to run down the letting of costumes starting from 1 May 2014 and to only concentrate on the sale of costumes and party articles. A few years ago, we noticed that more and more customers were buying their costume. Prices of costumes have decreased and the supply and the diversity have increased.

We can concentrate ourselves on searching for affordable party costumes, expanding the shop and helping customers.

Thanks to our 60 years of business experience, we can continue the sale with the same devotion, enthousiasm and passion.

The Festivalshop team
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