Grimas Derma Wax 25 ml
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Description :

Grimace derma was 25 ml
Grimas Derma Wax is an easily malleable, well-adhesive transparent wax for grooming purposes, which can be used to make various wounds and deformations on the skin. Due to its supple composition, Derma Wax also adheres to soft and movable parts of the skin and remains elastic.
Derma Wax comes in a package of 60 ml.
Working method
Scrape out the Derma Wax Spatula with the rounded side of the Derma Wax. By scraping, you make the texture a little supple. Then you make the wax workable by applying it two or three times with the spatula alternately to and scraping it off the mouse of the hand. The wax has to be supple but also firm and absolutely must not become too soft and too sticky.
Apply the Derma Wax with the rounded side of the spatula to the skin and smooth the edges so that no grease or moisture can get under it. With the tip of your finger and a small amount of Grimas Cleansing Cream, smooth the Derma Wax and even out the edges. Dab with a dry and clean make-up sponge. This will remove excess Cleansing Cream and create the effect of a ′skin structure′.
Powder with a Grimas Transparent Powder makeup sponge for matting and fixing, turn the sponge over and dab with the clean side until the excess powder is removed.
With this horror article, you′re sure to experience the creepiest Halloween ever!

EAN : 8717277377101
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