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You do not have to enter the monastery for these fancy dress clothes. You will also find a wide selection of religious outfits from different religions with us. From the famous fathers, nuns, priests and even the pope or a cardinal to a Buddhist monk with an orange robe, everything is possible. The necessary accessories such as a golden ring with red "gemstone", a paternoster with cross or a nun cap are also in our range. If you are already in higher spheres, you can also choose to dress yourself as an angel, including wings and halo. If you do not like rice porridge with golden spoons and if you are not such a holy bean, then playing the devil is always possible.
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Festivalshop - Bald head latex - 57/57024
€ 4,50
Festivalshop - Buddha monk - 30/603079
€ 26,95
Festivalshop - Cardinal red satin - FG80386
€ 24,95
Festivalshop - Costume Holy Pope - 30/603078
€ 27,95
Festivalshop - Father Brown Child - 30/403165
€ 13,95
Festivalshop - Nun Cap - BO01096
€ 4,95
Festivalshop - pope red / white - FG88617
€ 24,95
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